After much deliberation and reading a great book about the proper way to launch a book, I've spent many weeks redesigning the covers of all three novels in the Dream Weaver Trilogy. AND all three also have new titles:

Dream Weaver is now...

     The Ruin of Emari Sweet

Rock Star is now...

     The Rhapsody of Emari Sweet

And Breaking Normal is now...

     The Rise of Emari Sweet

The plan is to go through each book one more time with a little spit and polish and then re-release them one at a time with a proven system to capture as much attention as we can from the launch.  Anyone interested in joining the Street Team please feel free to contact me!

I ran into a little snaffoo with the images I was using for my waterslide designs. I misinterpreted the licensing terms. Ooops. So I will be using my own photographs to create my nail designs, and will start posting them soon on eBay. Once they're listed I will post the links on Facebook, Twitter and here on the Nails page. I hope to be able to offer other authors decals with their own book images on them, as well.

Finally, many thanks to GoDaddy for all your help reacquiring my Dream Weaver Novels domain name and your assistance in creating this site.


Su Williams Award-Winning Author

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